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Just wanted to personally welcome you all as we push to LEVEL 50. We are a bunch of people from various MMO's who are currently enjoying TOR. We have progressed very to a very high level on various servers and want to do the same here.We understand the importance of CC's and studying various builds and boss fights. Also targeting the tanks target and the ability to NOT STAND IN FIRE  lol. But also understand this is still a game and is meant to have fun and meet great friends along the way.

   We have experience in heroics and raiding and are looking for people who have the same interests. We will expect food buffs and the correct stimpacts for raiding, and proper enhancements and gear.

  Don't be afraid to ask anyone in the guild questions on specs and gear we are all focused on the same goal which is progression and downing bosses which in the end give us all upgrades to progress further. Remember it is a team effort in a raid no one person is more important than the other and the Officers and I expect the guild to operate as a team to get to the highest level the game has to offer. Be kind courteous and helpful and we will go farther and most of all HAVE FUN!!

   We will be getting vent soon so keep a eye out for it !

 Would also to personally thank Savi for his time spent on this web site its freakin awesome!!

                                                                              Thanks all Lets all make this happen!!

Guild News

New Leader

Savi999, Jan 10, 12 2:11 PM.
We have a new Guild Master, Blackthorne. So lets all get on and say Grats!! And help him move the guild into the Future!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Savi999, Jan 10, 12 1:59 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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